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     I had a thought while watching the latest episode, and it involves the French New Wave. No really… Ever see Breathless (A Bout de Souffle)? The story is that when Goddard submitted the film to the distributers, it was impossibly long, like 5 hours or something. The distributors said forget it, you need to trim it down to 2 hours. Goddard wouldn’t have any of it, every scene was critical. The distributors wouldn’t relent, so Goddard said fine, he would cut out all of the unimportant stuff. What got cut was all the in-between stuff like walking across rooms, transitions, and all the other regular actions that you’d expect in a film. What this gave him was what came to be known as jumpcuts, and it really put the film world on its ear. Turns out that once you got used to it, you didn’t have any trouble following the plot at all. 

     This latest episode of Fooly Cooly made me think that they might have taken this to the next level. It seems as though they have cut out entire scenes that would usually contain backstory, character development, plot transitions, etc. Once again, once you get used to them concentrating on the action, you can get the hang of it. Gotta say that tonight’s episode was rich, lots of John Woo and South Park homages, down to them switching over to south park animation for a short while. If you decide to check this show out, be prepared to watch at least two or three episodes (preferably from the beginning) in order to get the hang of it. 


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