Well, I only had 1 student show up at the darkroom today. It was the 13 year old, luckily she brought some decent negs and was able to get a couple of decent prints out tonight. God am I out of practice with printing, I actually had trouble telling her how long to print her picture when I looked at her test strip. Oh well, everything came out pretty good…

     Put a bunch of stuff up on ebay tonight. Anyone need a 4×5/5×7 camera or tripod? Looking at the number of hits I’ve gotten so far, it looks as though I’ll do alright. Kenji from work has given me a ton of old Nikon equipment to consign on ebay. He’s got some pretty expensive stuff, should do OK with that but it’s going to be a lot of work…

     In the meantime, I am debating with myself over which fragrence I’m going to buy myself. I’ve tried out a bunch of stuff and I’ve found a handful that are just heaven. Trouble is that they are all really expensive. This is the very definition of luxury, but what the hell. I’ll probably get a ginger based thing, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. If there was any hope of a hot and heavy date, I’d splurge for some musk from Frederick Malle, talk about sex in a bottle… One day, one day…


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1) Just ask a girl out for chrissakes. Hinting is not the same thing. Better yet, go out to a disco and let your feet do the talking.

2) Do you understand that non-academics don’t give a hoot about economics? I stopped reading at the word aggregate.


Re: Fragrance?

LOL! I would never buy anything this expensive to attract women, I’m doing this cause I like it! I better not let my feet do any talking for me, I’m afraid of what they’d say… As far as the econ goes, yeah I know nobody wants to read about it. I keep trying to get Randy to read some but he’s like everyone else… It really can be very interesting, and be useful for trying to figure things out, it’s also useful for recognizing what is a possibility and what is wishful thinking.


Re: Sex in a bottle?

That stuff really is amazing, it is called Musc Ravageur by Frederick Malle. You can only get it at Barney’s in NYC in this country. Couldn’t bring myself to pony up the money for it though… It’s like $175 a bottle, got other things I need to do with the money…

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