It’s amazing what you can learn by playing sounds on
an instrument. I was practicng some arppegiated chords last night nd I
was struck by the difference between minor and major chords. Yes, I
knew about them before, and I could even identify major or minor by ear
(not that I can identify the actual chord mind you), but playing them
one note at a time really brought something to my attention. The chords
sound completely different, even if you only change one note. When I
play an E minor chord and a C/e, the only difference is the addition of
a C instead of a B in the 4 note arpeggiated chord. Even though one
note was changed, all of them sound different to the ear, or rather
their relationship changes. It’s very similar to contrasting colors,
blue looks much bluer against yellow even if the hue hasn’t changed. I
can’t wait till I can play some actual music… It looks like I’m going
to cut off my guitar lessons. I just don’t have the time, monday is my
only day to do anything. I’m gong to try to continue to play and
improve. I’ve noticed an improvement over the past month and a half. I
can now sit down and play the Lorilei Waltz without a problem. It used
to vex me to no end. It’s nice to see that kind of improvement, it
gives me some confidence…


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Silly, that’s one of the main reasons I picked this up. There’s no chance of becoming a great performer at this point in my life, but I hope to learn quite a bit about music as I play. I’m not really sure what you are reffering to with my “White tower amazement”, I’m a firm believer in experience…


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