I’ve got a plan…

OK, I’ve got a general idea for my macro paper. I’m going to
concentrate on trying to explain the macro economy as a scale-free
network and show what the consequences of that approach are. I know, a
little lame, but it’ll fill the requirements and I find it mildly
interesting. My math paper got more complicated and simpler at the same
time. I’ve ditched a rather complicated optimization problem, but I’ve
decided to add some game theory. Here’s the gist, I had been trying to
see what would happen to gift giving if personal consumption
(everything except gift giving) went up. The obvious answer was that
gift giving would go down, but I was having trouble with both coming up
with the derivatives and explaining them. So I’ve decided to add a
duopoly modeled form of first action gift giving… How does one
respond when you know the number of gifts that the other person will
give you. Once again, the answer should be obvious, now I just have to
show it matematically…

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