Work really took it out of me today, not much to say except this… It
occurs to me that “Heart of Glass” and “Atomic” by Blondie are perhaps
the most perfect, beautiful disco songs ever made, do you know of any
that are better? Don’t give me that “Disco is crap” attitude either,
good music can be found in just about every genre, and disco was one of
many that Blondie fiddled with. If you get a chance, check out a
greatest hits by them, you’ll wonder why people have called them punk,
new wave, and disco…

2 replies on “Bleah…”

Are you a disco dancer? … Teresa.

I am getting a mental image of you in a salesman suit throwing your hands in the air like John Travolta around your camera cases at work. I’d like a copy of the security cam footage, if so…Teresa.

Re: Are you a disco dancer? … Teresa.

What exactly is a salesman suit? There have been times that I’ve thought about it, either out of boredom or being driven crazy by all the retail weirdness. BTW, I WISH I could dance like Travolta, who doesn’t?


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