Oh joy!!!

    I not only got a new (to me) camera, I got a new
lens too! I can see you shaking your head from here, but this is really
nice! It’s an older wooden camera from England, nice and light. Plus
it’s a 5×7 field camera, big negs! I also got a slightly used Schneider
210mm lens for my new baby. Believe it or not, I actually got this
stuff by selling a bunch of my crap that was sitting around, and I
pocketed around 300 bucks on top of that!:-) So I’m momentarily happy,
I wonder when I’ll get to use it… I do need Kenji (from work) to do
some work for me. I’ll need some lensboards made and an adaptor so that
I can use these lenses on my other camera. I’m also going to break down
and order a box of 5×7 color print film too, about $150 for 50 sheets…


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