I saw super milk chan on adult swim and I’m happy to report that I
don’t feel compelled to watch it again. I did make the mistake of
watching the “Ghost in the Shell Stand alone complex” last night. It
reminds me of the old max headroom tv show, anyone else remember that?
It was only on for a short time before being canceled, people said they
couldn’t follow it… I was a teenager and I could follow it just fine,
I;m still a little bitter about it but I’m glad that there’s a cartoon
now with the same level of complexity:-)


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Amanda Pays

Any teenage male with a pulse should have been able to follow that show.

And Blank Reg still rocks after all these years. (What was his pirate station? Big Time TV???)


Re: Amanda Pays

Ah, another fan… Aren’t those episodes availible on DVD now? I’ll have to search Amazon and find out. Have to admit that the details have now faded from my memory, but the name Blank Reg does bring some of them back:-)


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