I’m SO American…

Someone asked me if I wanted to play soccer with them in a couple of days. I actually flinched, just a little. I was thinking, “What? Play soccer? I don’t understand, why would you do that?” I have nothing against soccer as a sport, but I had no idea that deep down, I really can’t stand it. I played for four years as a kid and I’ve never missed it, nor have I ever had the desire to watch it. I saw the best soccer I have ever seen on the flight from Cyprus to Dubai, English premier league, and I was nonplussed. Keep in mind that I am a sports fan, I love watching most sports, but it says something to me that I’d rather watch curling (which I put in the same nebulous “sports” category as golf) than soccer. And I don’t think that it’s just because it’s unfamiliar, I’m really intrigued by cricket, and I would enjoy trying that. I don’t think I’m alone, I’m willing to bet that this is the reason that the only significant audience for soccer in the US is the immigrant one. We’ll see if Beckam does anything for soccer in the US. I doubt it, I really do…


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