72 degrees and sunny:-)

Say what you want about Sana’a, but the weather is absolutely amazing. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it, especially after reading Kelly’s blog about the Minnesota weather. The temps in DC sound pretty bad too….

Got back in touch with Luciano last night. He’s the guy working at the Italian embassy. It’s good to have friends that are here long term. We’re going to go play pool at “fun city” tomorrow night, should be fun. I may also try to convince him to go back to the “Italian” place down on Hadda street. Papa John’s keeps sending me coupons in my email and it’s driving me crazy! This restaurant’s pizza was actually pretty good, but no pepperoni 🙁 I’ll take what I can get though… We’ll see if h wants to go, being an Italian, the food may just moack him…


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