NOW I feel like I’m studying Arabic…

My last vocabulary list included words like brutal, occupation, military, detain, and of course Israeli… Israeli is actually a tough word for me, it’s just about the same, but they switch a syllable. It is IS RA EE LI instead of IS rael i. Things are slowing down for me, I’m still trying to build up a critical mass of words. my vocabulary is too limited to be able to compose whatever pops into my head. And no, I’m not talking about anything complicated, I’m talking about remembering the equivalent of “about”… I made the observation that all Arabic is like poetry to me right now. I don’t have a great grip on the grammar, so I pick out the words I know and try to relate them. It works pretty well, I keep telling myself that this is how kids learn, so it should work really well, after about 10 or 11 years of it..


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