I almost died last night…

… again. I swear, sometimes it only seems like a matter of time in
this traffic. I almost ran into the pointy, concrete demarcation of an
exit ramp after swerving to get out of the way of a merging truck.
Luckily my brain was able to comprehend the eminant nastiness and react
quickly. I figure that the car would have been split in two, from the
front to the rear. It wouldn’t have done me any good at all.

    My mutual funds are now going up in value more than
I am contributing to them. I don’t know if that’s good or not. On the
one hand, it means that I am starting to reach critical mass and the
gains are starting to add up. On the other hand, it may just mean that
I make so little (and therefore contribute so little) that I can’t keep
up with some decent rising mutual funds. I’ll try to look on the bright
side:-) I do like this positive net worth thing, it’ll be tough to go
back into debt next yeat, but I’ll do it anyway:-)


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My What Big Eyes You Have!

Whew. It is amazing what the brain can do, automatically taking over in that sort of situation, going instantly from ranking the women at the Food King to manuevers that would make a F1 driver proud. Glad you made it OK. I do not miss DC traffic. Do they still give the Beltway backups in miles?

Really glad to hear about your mutual funds, it will be soooo much easier for you to support your needy Midwest relative(s)that way.

Take care,


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