OK, I’m doing it

    After several years of deliberation, I’ve decided
to sell off my photo gear. All my stuff is film based, and it’s value
is dropping like a rock. Truth is, I haven’t done any serious
photography in years, 4 or 5 at least. I’m going to sell all of it and
reevaluate my photo needs when my trip is near. I’ll most likely “go
digital”. I’m hoping that by that time, there will be a camera I really
like. If not, I could always rebuy some of my old stuff…
    Gotta say that it’s a bit of a relief. I’ve been
holding onto the identity of being a photographer longer than I’ve been
taking pictures. The stuff I’ve taken over the past several years are
just snapshots, and they mean more to me than the “art” I was making
before. For a while I was worried that I was wasting my photo
education, but really, I have been living my art education the whole
time. I’m ready to try some other things, and selling this stuff will
help me do that. The vast majority of it will go towards my Egypt trip,
some of it will go towards other things…


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