I got another Amazon gift certificate for spending
too much freaking money with my credit card. I decided to try out some
colonge I have heard good things about. I looked on Amazon, found the
best price, and made the order. When the confirmation email comes I
notice that the store I bought it from is “The Lover’s Toy Room.” Hmmm,
I take a look at what else they sell and wowee, I’m going to be getting
some rather interesting catalogs from now on… I wonder what other
mailing lists I’ve gotten onto now too. Can’t wait for my American
Academy of Religion Journal and my Lover’s toystore catalog to come on
the same day….


2 replies on “Whoops…”

What cologne?

You know, I really dislike most perfumes and colognes. They tend to all smell alike to me. (I used to like Obsession for Men, but a ex-boyfriend ruined it for me, and Aqua de Gio (?) smells nice. I tend to prefer scented oils, with only a few notes in them.

You’ll have to smell me next time you see me, and see if you approve of my latest blend.

You must have snuk this in, I didn’t know it was here! I ordered some stuff called L’Anarchiste by Caron. I haven’t really liked much of the regular stuff I’ve tried. I do really like the Piper Nigrum cologne, but no one seems to smell it but me. I guess that’s alright, but it does make me hesitate to buy expensive stuff like that…


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