Christmas was good, LP mania!

Just got back in from my usual, frenetic Christmas travels. We switched things up a bit this year, spent CHristmas eve at mom’s and Christmas day over at dad’s. Usually it’s the other way around. Everything went well, everyone seemed to like their gifts. It’s always a relief t know that you didn’t screw up…
I picked up the shelves from my dad, no I have something to pt my stereo on! I brought up all of my LPs and I’m now listening to a record for the for the first time in years!!! I remember why LPs died off, what a pain in the ass. They’re big, heavy, and fragile. But I couldn’t help but smile when I started flipping through my collection. Lots of stuff I’ve missed, all of my Rolling Stones, 80’s stuff (Greg Khin, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, Human League, Madness, Waitresses, etc.), groups from SST, Fugazi, and a handful of K-tel albums (remember Pablo Cruise, or maybe Frank Stallone’s “Far From Over?”). Plus, the stereo system never really looks right without a turntable…

I also got one of the silliest presents ever, and I love it! It’s a toy rabbit styled after the one in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. It has enormous teeth and is about as silly as can be. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


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