I went and did it…

I’m sure all of you know that I’m a camera snob, I have just cemented that in my own mind. I have used the best that the commercial world can offer, Hassleblads, Leica, Schneider LF lenses and Japanese precision large format cameras. Now I’m having cameras custom made for me… I ordered two cameras from a guy in Austrailia, he modifies old polaroid cameras that use obsolete film into ones that use current real film. I’ll be getting a 4×5 rangefinder camera and a 6×12 rangefinder. They’ll be like big, folding Leicas! I feel like these will allow me to shoot the way I like to with a minimum if compromise. More importantly, I’ll be able to carry these with me and take them on my travels. Since they fold up into their own hard shell, they will also be pretty impervious to damage. I’m pretty excited, but I’ll have to wait a while. He doesn’t expect them to be done till late Feb. or early March. Oh well, good things come to those that wait, right?


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