Some things just sound better on vinyl. I’m listening to “Tapestry” by Ms. King.I can’t think of a more evocative LP than this for the early 70’s and it just doesn’t sound right on CD. The same goes for early Rolling Stones, and the Cynics should never be heard on anything but LP or maybe a scratchy FM station (like that would ever happen…). Can’t wait to put “Revolver” on in the next day or so, and then there’s my Beach Boys records. Oh how I’ve missed these albums!

Of course with my newfound joy I’ve listened carefully to my phono preamp for the first time. It ain’t all that good unfortunately. Or at least it is sorely lacking compared to what I’ve had in the past, but I’m not going to drop that kind of money right now, not until I can build something or afford a decent phono stage (tubed of course!). I did find a cheapie unit ($150) that is universally considered to be the one to beat when you’re trying to do this sort of stuff on the cheap…

Another thing that I’ve noticed, and that I’ve missed, is that I can literally listen to records all day and not get fatigued. Even the best CD systems wear me out after 2 or 3 albums. I’m on my 5th LP of the night and I’m debating on weather or not I should put another on, and that’s with a sub par preamp! With the right equipment, it can be magical… I need to go on a classical record hunt. They are, for the most part cheap as dirt, but I could have my “brain music” on all day and not get tired or a headache! Gotta start trolling ebay again…


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Don’t forget the Orpheus Records next door to Queen Bee in Clarendon. They might have some stuff.

There’s even a record and tape traders about .5 mile from my house…

Yeah, I met a date at the queen bee a couple of weeks ago and walked by Orpheus. I had a little time, but I didn’t dare go in because I’d be late for sure… Never bought anything there, O can’t bring myself to pay more for a used LP than I would on a new CD, silly I know. If I had the time, I’d do the old garage sale thing, there’s gold in them thar hills! But alas, no time, so I’ll have to content myself on Ebay and other online sites. Just put together a big rder from “Sympathy for the Record Industry” label. Lots of good indy rock and lots of vinyl!


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