Change of plans

    I’ve deceided not to go up to my Aunt’s after all.
I’ll still take time off from work, I do need a mini vacation, but I’ll
prob. go down to my mom’s place and also my dad’s place too. I’m trying
to be financially responsible for the first time in my life, and boy
does it suck:-) I am not putting things on my credit card any more
unless I have to. So no train tickets… I am going to try to arrange a
trip up there this fall. I only have one grandmother left, gotta try to
see her as much as I can…
    I’m putting some stuff up on my site for my
students. Any of you that are mildly interested in photogrpahy might
enjoy some of the topics. I only have a darkroom primer up right now,
but I am working on an essay on composistion that will hopefully be up
by the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, I won’t have one. Why? Because
I’m a whore… Ramona asked if I’d work sunday and I said sure. The
good news is that I’ll have monday, thursday, friday, sat, sunday, and
monday off. Can’t wait!


One reply on “Change of plans”

We’re only dickering on the price

“Whore”? I prefer “profit oriented”

Sorry to hear about the non-trip. Had a great time myself. Know the feeling though, I still blame it all on my parents. Could have been a great dilettante son of rich folks.

Take care,


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