Helped Giane move into her new apartment today. It’s
up in the Woodley Park area., small and cute, just like her:-) She’s
really happy, better than I’ve seen her in a long time. With any luck
I’ll be going back in a couple of weeks to hang out. This had to be the
easiest move I’ve ever done. No stairs, no furniture, very few
breakables. The key was the lack of stuff, all of her belongings fit
into three cars (with lots of room to spare). Maybe I should take a
hint before my next move and get rid of a lot of my crap.
    While we were unloading, I noticed that my right
front tire was worn down to the steel belt on one side. GROAN, I knew
the alingment was off a bit, but this tire was dangerous, had to have
it fixed. I acted like a local going back home, just went south for a
ways, turned down conneticut ave, and then picked up M street to the
key bridge. I had little idea of what I was doing, but I acted as if I
did. I don’t like driving downtown, but when I just let myself go in
the general direction, everything went fine. I should remember that…
    Anyway, went to the tire place and had to make a
decision. I could have just gotten two of the tires replaced, but I’ve
never really liked these tires. I have zero traction in the snow, not
much on wet pavement, and they rode  very loudly. I think that
they were just a bad match for the car I have. So I got all new tires,
alignment, I needed a new battery, and 625 bucks later I have a safe
vehicle again. I knew I needed to do some stuff, but just not right
away. I’m even more glad that I didn’t spring for the train tickets to
Conneticut, I would be even further in the hole.
    Still, it was good to take care of that before my
drive down to Gloucester. So even the bad stuff was good I suppose. I’m
looking forward to my mini vacation coming up, I’ve got thursday
through monday off. Hopefully I’ll decompress a bit and get renergized.


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Ack. It was finally decided that the mysterious noise my car is making is caused by uneven tire wear. The tread is still good, there’s just one spot that is ….off. Or something.

So now, the noise is driving me crazy, and I want to buy new tires, and I really can’t afford it, and this new credit card is burning a hole in my pocket.

I dunno, my tires were bothering me, I never felt safe driving in the rain or snow with them. So when one of them HAD to be replaced, it was an easy excuse to get rid of all of them… I don’t think I would have bothered if they were just annoying, but I don’t like to screw around with tires, they’re all that’s touching the road after all…


It would be easier to just stuff money in the gas tank

Ugh, that’s a lot of cash. Just had some exhaust work done, 250 dollar american. I really dislike that looming feeling that something is going to go very wrong on the car though. I find that I am always lightly anxious about it and worse, start not going places because it would be “too far”. Like 5 miles. So I guess the money is worth it after all. Oh yeah, just bought another tire jack. Seems that after the truck crunch a few years ago that water seeped into the trunk and rusted the jack in it’s bracket. It was either buy another jack or a cutting torch.

It is a mystery that while I can do preventative maintenance on my teeth, life and PC’s, cars never seem to be that important.

Only your tires touch the road? My ’93 Escort beats that by a factor of 5 or so..

Take care,


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