I think my music collection in iTunes is creating
its own content now. There are songs that I have no recollection of in
there, some of them I can’t even imagine where they came from. The
other day I got not only a dance remix of Bow Wow Wow’s “Do you want to
hold Me”, but an *upbeat* Billy Holiday singing “My Man.” She did
leave out the stanza”He isn’t true/what can I do?/He beats me too…”
so that helped keep the song happy… I have no idea where these songs
came from, I’m not sure I would have put them in if I knew about them.
    WOOT, just got 5 12av5 tubes. These are old TV sweep
tubes that, by all accounts, sound amazing wired in triode. I love the
idea of reusing old technology in new ways. This would be like reusing
8086 era motherboards in an amp and them sounding great! These tubes
were probably thrown out by the millions in the mid 80’s, there’s still
a lot left though. So now I’ve got one more amp project to think


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