Not much going on…

    Haven’t been up to much recently. I found a Linux
port of Ultima IV that has been ported to most OS platforms. I’m
reliving part of my life when I was 14…. It’s scary how much of the
stuff I remember in that game. Sure wish those neurons were being used
for useful things. Looks like I’ll be going up to visit my grandmother,
aunt, and at least one of my cousins the first week of August. Beth
says she won’t be home due to work and a chem class she’s taking, but
Ed is home. Haven’t really talked to him much, it’ll be interesting to
see what he’s like.
    I’m trying to organize my photo class so that we can
go to a darkroom for a class or two. I’ve got three regular students.
One is really interested, one is pretty interested, and the other seems
to be noncommittal at best. It would actually be easier with a larger
class, if 3 or 4 people said they weren’t interested, then we wouldn’t
do it. With just one, I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing. I’m going
to try to have some practical teaching next class. Assuming it doesn’t
rain, we’ll go outside and take pictures with me giving “helpful”
advice along the way. It’ll probably amount to showing how to hold the
camera properly, not leaning forward or backwards while taking
pictures, etc. Should be fun I suppose….
    There was a bunch of bombings in Egypt on friday or
Sat. They don’t really bother me much. The explosions were targeting
rich tourist 4 star hotels along the Red Sea, not even close to Cairo.
In my mind, they were going after vacationing Israelis and Britons.
In the back of my mind I know that things (and people) blow up in that
area of the world, but some places are safer than others. One of the
safer areas seems to be downtown Cairo. In any case, until Cairo
becomes the scene of multiple bombings in a short time frame, my plans
won’t change.


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The “Theme” to HNC?

All together now…

Da da da da da dada
da da da
da –
da da da da da
da da da da da

Going to by their Greatest Hits next?

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