LastFM is an internet service that tracks what you listen to and creates a “station” based on it. It’s great, I love it. My personal station is amazing of course but just as valuable is the station from LastFM that recommends things for me based on my personal station. I’ve heard some interesting stuff that […]

Morning song…

Woke up the other day to the White Stripes’ “Death Letter.” This wasn’t all that surprising actually, I had watched a documentary involving jack White before I went to bed. It’s a cover of an old Son House song, old school blues. Like most White Stripes songs, the best thing about it is the hook […]

Songs in my head

Every morning, I wake up with a song in my head. Sometimes it’s a carryover from a dream, other times, it’s totally random with no apparent reason. Think I’m going to keep track of these as I remember them.   Keep in mind that these aren’t favorite songs. They are usually catchy, but how much […]

The Beatles

As you may have heard, the Beatles are now available in the iTunes store. It’s a pretty big deal from a business perspective, I’ve heard that last year the Beatles were the second highest selling artist. That’s pretty amazing considering how long ago they broke up… They’ve been playing the Beatles non-stop in the store […]