Dad and Butler brought up my CD collection when they moved me into Rick’s place. I packed them up before I went to Yemen and haven’t seen them since. It’s amazing how much space 400+ CDs take up! I’m in the process of ripping them to my computer where they will take up considerably less […]

mind/no mind

Have you ever heard a song that encapsulates basic tenets of Buddhist beliefs? No, neither have I, but I might have created one and I quite like it. It all started when I stumbled across Ty Segall’s Imaginary Person.     It’s a lovely little bit of psychedelic/garage pop, you’d be forgiven if you thought […]

More iPad apps

A few more apps I’ve become smitten with… First up is something that sounds trivial, but it really works well. I’m using the FIOS remote app. It lets me view the program viewer, chose the channel, and gives me a duplicate remote control on the iPad. This is nice because I’m using a tiny 13″ […]

Morning song

I had a dream that I was at work when “Blueside” from Rooney came on the store’s music system. The rest of the dream became inconsequential as I locked onto the song. It’s really catchy and I marveled because I had never heard it at work before. Come to think of it, it’s quite a […]