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A few more apps I’ve become smitten with… First up is something that sounds trivial, but it really works well. I’m using the FIOS remote app. It lets me view the program viewer, chose the channel, and gives me a duplicate remote control on the iPad. This is nice because I’m using a tiny 13″ TV right now and it’s awfully tough to read the stupid TV guide onscreen. In addition, the regular remote control seems to have an incredibly narrow angle of view. I have to aim carefully in order to change a channel. The iPad app uses wifi, so it works no matter where I am in the house. Plus, it’s really quick.

OK, that one is handy, this next one is amazing. Its name is Awedetorium.

IMG 0001


This is an app that really takes advantage of how you use the iPad and it fits in really well. It is a music discovery app, all of those tiles you see are different bands. When you tap on one, the image fills the screen and a song from them starts playing. While it plays, the app will pop up all sorts of factoids about the band.


IMG 0002


Along the bottom, you’ll see some controls that will allow you to buy the song, favorite it, and even show you a video (the main image is a still one). The main screen with all the times can be scrolled though, there are hundreds and hundreds of bands on there. I’ll be browsing though this for a long time. I’m also under the impression that they keep adding new songs and bands to the the app. I’ve come across all sorts of music on there, country, folk, noise, hip hop, and lots and lots of rock. Best of all, it’s a free app! I am constantly amazed at the quality of apps I can find, even for free.


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