Songs in my head

Every morning, I wake up with a song in my head. Sometimes it’s a carryover from a dream, other times, it’s totally random with no apparent reason. Think I’m going to keep track of these as I remember them.


Keep in mind that these aren’t favorite songs. They are usually catchy, but how much I like them has little to do with what sticks. This morning is a good example. I had a dream I was at a White Stripes concert. Did I have any of their songs stuck in my head when I woke up? Of course not. I had “Let’s Twist Again” by Chubby Checker.

The story behind that is that I started the audience singing that song when I saw Jack White twisting for some reason as he was heading off the stage. I shouted out “Let’s twist again Jack!” and some people picked up on it and joined it “Like we did last summer…” A woman near me ended up leading the audience. One of the crew actually gave her a mic towards the end.

Sigh. Chubby Checker to start my day. I wonder why my brain does this to me….

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