Well, I got the inevitable phone call from my mom…
“You should think about going into something that makes money, maybe
banking…” It isn’t as though I haven’t thought of that, but I can’t
really make it a goal either. Going after the money is what I was doing
with the econ degree, and I decided that it wasn’t worth it. Banking
(in my mind) would be far worse, it is certainly less interesting than
    I picked up a book tht I had put down a long time
ago. It’s the first volume of a two volume set entitled “The
Monotheists.” It talks about Jews, Christians, and Muslims
cooperation, conflict, and competiton over the years. It’s really quite
interesting. A thought occurred to me while I was reading, I had basically
stopped reading while I was pursuing economics. I never really enjoyed
reading for the econ classes, so I put it off (typical me). The problem
was that if I picked up anything else, I’d feel guilty about it, so I
ended up only reading what I had to. I’m hoping to tackle the various
books I’ve been accumulating for a while, should be fun!


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