Damn, Shit, cool…

    Ugh, my timing couldn’t have been worse. Turns out
the program I’m interested in only lets you start in the Fall, and the
deadline for application was Jan. 15th. That blows, I was hoping to
start (assuming that I get in) in the spring… I have several
possibilites, I could just hang out here till then (assuming Rick won’t
want to kick me out), that would make the most sense really. I’d have a
steady stream of income and could pay off my first student loan.
Another option is to stick with my original plan and get out of here by
Jan. next year. That would give me 8 months of getting acclimated to
the new place. I shouldn’t have any problem paying off the loan by then
and still put something in the bank. I’m pretty sure I could get a
decent job at the circut city there (ugh). This certainly isn’t
anything to be proud of, but I am quite a catch for a place like that,
I’m sure they’d hire me. I would of course look for something else, but
as I’ve learned retail is pretty flexible and that’s a good thing if
you’re going to school.
    A third alternative is the least practical in some
ways, but it is certainly the most appealing. I’ve had my eye on a
language immersion program down in South America for a while. It’s been
a bit of a pipe dream of mine, I’ve wanted to learn Spanish for a long
time and I’d love to spend some time out of the US… They have an
extended stay program, 4 months for 3900 and change. That includes
lodging and two meals a day! I’d have my choice of either Santiago
Chile or Buenos Aries. After the airfare I’m looking at around 5 grand
total. That’s a chunk of change, but it’s really very reasonable
considering it’s 4 months of visiting and language instruction. I can
sort of kind of justify that by claiming that knowing Spanish will
allow me to be paid more long term. I’m also at a bit of a unique
situation in my life, one that isn’t likely to occur again for many
years if ever again.
    Would it make sense for me to do that? Probably not,
but I’m really trying to figure out a way that it would….


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Screw the computer…

Screw the computer. Go for Santiago. Today’s hot computer is tomorrow’s BetaMax. You will remember the immersion experience until you die! Grab your iPod and your crummy iBook and go learn some spanish.

Via Con Dios Muchacho!

Randy & Teresa

Re: Screw the computer…

Yeah, I noticed the timing thing after I was obsessing about the computer. If I want to make a real push for South America I’ll wait on the compputer. There’s always an advantage to waiting on technology… If I do go, it won’t be until next Jan. I think, but who knows, that’s a long ways away and lots of things can happen between then and now.


Re: Screw the computer…

You should research the immersion thing to make sure todos sus patos esta en una linea.


Go to Chile. (Or Buenos Aires, whichever)

You’ve been talking about it for years. You never did the monastery thing, go do this. Yeah, it’s not the most logical, but it’s not like you won’t get anything useful out of it either.


Yes Mam!

Yeah, I really do want to do this. I’m trying to figure out how to fit everything in… BTW, the religious studies program I’m looking into requires a one month retreat, so it looks as though I’d get to do that as well:-)


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