Apple never ceases to amaze me…

    What does any sane person do at 2AM when they’re a
little drowsy? Upgrade the operating system on their file server of
course! Seriously, I have no idea what possessed me to do that at that
hour, but I’m glad I did. My FrankenMac performs quite a bit better
with OS 10.3 than it did with 10.2. It isn’t supposed to be able to run
it, but with a simple hack, the OS loaded just fine (if a little
slowly, I went to bed around 5ish). Here’s what amazes me, each time
Apple updates the OS, my machines actually run faster, try that with a
Microsoft product! It amazes me that my computer, which is 10 years
old, runs just fine with the latest OS. In fact it runs well enough
that I now have to wonder if I need another computer… From a strictly
utilitarian view, probably not. I do wonder how much better a new
computer will run though, and it sure would be nice to reclaim my
desk… Must… Be… Good…. DOH!


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