I may never come out of the shower…

    I moved a boombox from the exercise area into my
bathroom and used my Airport Express to play my mp3s while I showered.
I loaded up my schlock pop playlist. It’s all ABBA, Duran Duran, Dion,
Pink, Madonna, etc. Man that was great! You should have heard me
singing, “You’re just like a pill, instead of making me better, you’re making me ill..” Ok, maybe it’s best you didn’t…:-) I do know my limits, I didn’t even attempt Ring My Bell…
    My posting will slow down a little as I go back to
work. God give me the strength to face Penn for another 11 months…
For the people I run across, and especially the ones I work with, I
apologize in advance for my constant bitching and moaning. I do see a
glimmer of hope though, by planning to move I will hopefully force
myself into something new. Everyone have a great week!


2 replies on “I may never come out of the shower…”

You know, that’s my favorite Pink song. 🙂 We could do a duet!

Maybe I’ll start going to the Springfield Penn instead of Rockville, and then we might actually see each other. How long has it been?


In the shower? Don’t tempt me…:-) Oh, as far as how long its been, rounding up to the nearest million, it’s been about a million years… I still need to get my hair cut BTW, it’s getting a little silly now.


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