Anyone want a blue iPod mini?

    I got a free iPod mini! It’s from offercentric, you
can look them up on google… It really didn’t cost me anything, I
tried out three different services and cancelled them. It did take them
about 5 months to send it to me, but i can’t really compain… I have
other free things going on, a full sized ipod, a computer, and a flat
screen monitor but I need help with those, check out my website for
those! I promise that that was the only time I will mention those
things to you, but give it a try!
    Anyway, I gotta figure out what to do with this
mini. I’ve always wanted an iPod, but 5 gigs isn’t going to cut it for
me. I could sell this one and use the money toward a larger ipod. Would
I keep it or send it to my cousin (who had her’s stolen)? What I should
do is sell it and use the money to help pay for my Ithaca trip coming
up, that would be the smart thing… But I also want a mac mini, even
moreso than an iPod..Anyone looking for a blue iPod mini? It’s never
been opened, I’ll send it to you for $200 shipped! If I don’t hear
anything in a week, I’ll put it up on ebay I suppose, but then I’ll
still agonize over what to do with the money…


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