Birthday plans

    Looks like I’ll be down at dad’s place on the 13th
and drive back up to NOVA on the 14th. I’m hoping to avoid the typical
pathetic Isaac birthday this year, but we’ll see. My cousin Beth
informs me that it is vagina week at Cornell. There are T-shirts,
candies, etc celebrating the occaision. I wonder why VA doesn’t have
vagina week?:-)


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*I* wonder why we don’t have vagina week EVERYwhere

but then again, who needs a formal holiday to celebrate?

Let me be the first to formally blog a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a SAFE DRIVE HOME to you…

Hope your 34th is a good one! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISAAC


Re: *I* wonder why we don’t have vagina week EVERYwhere

Danka! I made it home without incident. I’m feeling OK about this year, probably because I have some direction!


happy birthday

In honor of your birthday, I am dressing up like Marlyn Monroe and singing the birthday song. See you in VA.


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