My birthday…

    I actually had a very nice birthday. This is an
exceedingly rare occurence, most of them I end up spending alone due to
the fact that I’m not attached to someone. I went down to dad and
Butler’s place the day before and had a nice time. Had good food, even
saw my brother! When I got back up to NOVA, my friend Jenny (yes,
jennytheonly) had me over. It was pretty low key, some food, some
desserts, and then aqua teen hunger force episodes. All in all a nice
time, Thanks Jenny!
    Beth sent me this really cool copper bowl. It has
the Tibetan symbol for longevity at the bottom, and when you rub a
wooden thing around the outside of it it creates an ethereal, haunting
ringing. It also has a rather pleasing tone when struck like a bell. It
really is lovely to look at and to hear, thanks sweetie!


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