A couple more pictures

I managed to put up a couple more pictures. The current internet cafe is faster, but it blocks flickr… So I have to work around it a bit.

A piece of advice. Do not order a hamburger in Yemen. There may not be any beef cattle on the entire Saudi peninsula, so the patties are the thin, frozen type. Plus they put that particular spice on it that I’ve had on every type of meat. It’s kind of exotic and interesting, but not when I want a damn cheese burger…

My last class was pretty good, we concentrated more on talking instead of reading. I’ve got a long ways to go on both of course, but I got tired of people asking me how I was and only being able to respond in English… I feel like I’m getting the hang of reading, there are still a few dipthiongs I need to learn and a few symbols I don’t know, but overall I feel as though I can sound things out pretty well. So yeah, I’m feeling pretty good for right now. Time to be overwhelmed in class again…


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