In the dark

I was wondering when I should go down to the internet cafe, but it was decided for me. We had another power outage in the old city. They’re pretty common I guess, has something to do with the crumbling infastructure. Turns out that I’m living in ‘da hood. Anyone with any money moves out so they can enjoy a house that is less than 400 years old. It is picturesqe, but everything is old old old.

CLass was both good and bad today. Turns out that my verbal memory isn’t as good as I thought. The teacher says something, I repeat it, and then it is gone. It literally takes less than 5 seconds for the information to leave my head. My guess is that my brain has nothing familier to hold onto, so nothing leaves an impression. I’m hoping that as my ear gets more attuned to Arabic, I’ll have better luck memorizing stuff I hear.

I have tomorrow “off”, although I’ll be plenty busy. I’ll spend a lot of time studying and then I’m supposed to get together with Sufian to discuss our “plan”. He wants a structured meeting time so that we can both practice our language and so that we can plan other things as well (like my internet line). He has invited me to Aden to stay with his family. I might take him up on that offer, it would be good to see more of the country and it would be best to see Aden while it is winter…

Not much else to report, I will attempt to post more pictures whan I can find a decent internet connection. I hope I can post what I have before I get to Malta!


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