New pictures URL

OK, this is one you can bookmark:

That will always get you to my pictures.


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Those are really beautiful. Carson always used to say you were the best DP in the department. Hand the camera to one of the locals and get yurself photographed in front of something, I haven’t seen you in ten years.

Re: wow.

Awww, thanks! I really only think of these as snapshots. Whatever happened to Carson anyway? SOMETIMES I think I was the only DP at the school I shot so much. I think I shot 5 films my senior year… Sometimes I wish that I had all of my equipment here, but then I realize that I wouldn’t have any time to do “serious” shooting. I’ll try to get one of my housemates to snap me next time we go out…


hey hey

Cool digs! Are you incredibly sunburnt? Dirty Filthy Feet? Tacky Burka? Why are there no pictures of you? I’m starting to think you’re not in Yemen. You rented some place in Guinea and are getting your pics from the net. Ha! Anyway, its good to know you’re doing well. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch today. I have a feeling I know what that “special spice” is but I want to make sure before I make an ass out of my self.

Re: hey hey

Have had no problem with the sun. I haven’t even gotten a tan yet, and that’s with no sunblock! Yeah, my feet have gotten really bad, I thought I had leprosy a couple of days ago (see an earlier blog post for that). The spice tasts good with chicken and on rice. Not so much on the burger…


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