80’s time…

How hardcore am I? I was just listening to “Stiff records, the Akron compilation”, complete with a scratch and sniff tire on the front! There isn’t a date anywhere on the LP, but I’m guessing somewhere between 78-79. Why in God’s name would I be listening to an indie label’s compilation of Akron talent from 1978? To hear the very first songs by the Waitresses of course! You remember them, right? “I know what boys Like”, “Wrapping Paper” and the theme to Square Pegs? Of course you remember them:-) My favorite song of theirs is “Tommy Tomorrow” found on their first album “Wasn’t tomorrow Wonderful?” These first two tracks give a glimpse of what is to come, but they are mostly just historical curiosities…

I am now listening to “Freedom of Choice” by none other than DEVO. Believe it or not, I think their stuff has held up pretty well. It’s definitely the product of the early 80’s, but it is still interesting. The title track is one of my favorite 80’s tracks of all time, it’s right up there with “Cars” by Gary Neuman… I may put on “I wanna be a Lifeguard” by Blotto next, or maybe some Human League dance remixes… Oh how I love my LPs!!!! God, I’m such a geek…


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