Oh My….

Right in between my Lipps Inc. album (mouth to mouth if you must know) and a Free Kitten album I found a couple pieces of 80’s gold. A 12″ by UTFO, yeah everyone remembers “Roxanne Roxanne”, but what about “Hanging out” with the candy wrapper? My favorite is the “Special instrumental versions” on the flip side. The instrumental of Hanging out makes for some interesting 80’s breakbeats, but the “instrumental” of Roxanne Roxanne is just drum machine and synthesized hi hat. Anyway, some fun 80’s rhyming… “She takes to my rap cause my raps the best..”

I also dug up my 12″ single of “Der Kommisar.” Fuck Nena and her 99 LUftballons, we all know that Der Kommisar is the best song auf Deutch to ever play here in the states…

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