Why I hate politicians example# 45766662

The current bill (in the house? I can’t keep track any more) disgusts me. It was originally drafted to raise the federally mandated minimum wage to 7 something an hour. The other party has grafted (pun intended) an estate tax cut that they know will be hated by the bill’s original writer’s party. Never mind the actual substance of the bill (you all should know how I stand on those two things) or which party did what (although that’s sadly predictable), what kind of children are running things up there? My God, I would expect 8 year olds to behave better. You can be sure that when this bill is killed both sides will claim victory and nothing will happen at all. The two parties bickering back and forth remind me quite a bit of the whole middle east mess. Both sides are much more concerned with getting back at the other side and not losing face than they are with actually doing something. It’s just as well I suppose, who knows what kind of disaster they would manage to legislate if they actually got along….


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