Wow, I should have known…

I had a dream the other night that “starred” Alan Alda and Martha Stewart. Martha was playing herself (narfing down an arugala, goat cheese, and date salad) while Alan was playing a combination of Alton Brown (of “Good Eats” fame) and Dr. House from the show with the same name. Alan was challenging Martha to a cook off with the curious stipulation that she must take diet pills during it. She just smiled and kept eating, I think she knew she could take him….

Wow, what a strange dream, I wonder what brought that on? I’ll tell you what brought that on, the mother of all fevers. The dream was just a precursor to possibly the worst fever I’ve ever had. I was weak enough that I was really worried that I’d fall over and hurt myself on my (frequent) trips to the bathroom. I broiled and drank, broiled and drank until it finally broke and I sweated it all out. That was the sickest I have been here, and it wasn’t fun, but at least it was short lived. I spent all of yesterday in bed, mostly because of how weak I was, truly a lost day.

Today I was starving, which I took as a good sign. I had to go to the lab and pick up my HIV test (which is required for a long term visa). Halfway there I realized that I had forgotten to bring the two photographs that I had forgotten the other day. So I had the cabbie turn around, take me back to my place, and them to the lab. I was thinking that this was going to be an expensive day because I WAS going to decent restaurant to eat and I had already paid the cabbie twice what I had expected. Lunch was good, my eyes were definitely larger than my stomach since it had shrunk during the illness. I got a surprise at the end, the head waiter told me that the meal was on him. I have no idea why, he wouldn’t tell me, and he wouldn’t accept my money. It is a mystery to me, but a happy one:-)


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