Mmmmmm, dinner…

Luchiano and I went back to the “Italian” place for dinner last night. He got chinese food and I got Indian, LOL. Actually, on the way there I was fixated on getting some decent Indian food but then I realized that they make probably the best pizza in Sana’a. Instead of deciding, I got both. What the hell, when the most expensive thing is the equivalent of $7.50, why not? I finished off the pizza this morning:-) I saw three enormous American guys there, I almost shouted out something to the effect of go Marines. Luckily I thought better of it, they probably don’t like too much attention being called to them. Besides, they might not have been Marines, they could be special forces or even some private contractor that the Army had hired. In any case, I’m sure they weren’t members of the All Yemen college football team…

We figured out that gas prices here are about $1.15 a gallon. Hello 1988! Gasoline is heavily subsidized here. Apparently there were near riots here when the government tried to raise them up to $1.50 or so. No one wanted to pay that much more, but I wonder why no one wondered who is paying the difference right now?


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