“Why be Happy when you could be normal?”

Have you ever listened to someone for a couple of moments are realize that they are brilliant beyond anything you could ever hope to achieve? I’ve had that happen a couple of times, and it’s just happened again. I downloaded Bill Moyer’s series called “Faith and Reason”,he interviews people and discusses what they think about those things. This one has Jeanette Winterson, the author of “Weight”. It’s a retelling of the Hercules/Atlas myth. She talks about faith, myth, writing, independence, and a whole bunch of other interesting things. If you like writing, stories, reason, faith, or just a really good chat, check out the podcast. You can find it here:


(It’s the july 7th one)

or you can go to the Apple Music Store and search for it under podcasts. The title of this post comes from something her mother told her, it’s a great story and she’s a great speaker. As a bonus, Will Power speaks about myths and musicals… it’s fun, check it out!


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