Didn’t do anything today…

I never even left the house… That’s the trouble with taking on extra days of work, I feel as though I should really relax on my one day off a week. I dunno, maybe I’m entitled but the problem is that nothing gets done. Well, I did do the laundry and the dishes that’s not much but it IS something.

Caught a few episodes of Miami Ink. It’s a show based on a tattoo parlor in Miami. I’ll admit to having the same negative attitude towards tattoos as my mother. Especially on women. It just seems such a waste of beautiful skin. This show has shown me that there are some good tattoos though. And there are even some good reasons to get them. They seem to have at least one “memorial” tattoo per episode. One of the artists dod a really nice job for a couple that had one of their kids drown 3 years ago. The image was amazing, and I can see the appeal of carrying that around with you. The last episode I saw had a recovering meth addict put a “hell” tattoo on his arm along with the chapter and verse of something from Isiah. Gotta say that it was a remarkable piece of work. His intention was to work with other recovering addicts, that tattoo will definitely establish some instant credibility…


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Kathy and Ricky Hudgins had their son’s name and date of birth and death tatooed on their arms. Can really see the need for a personal memorial such as this.Not may way, butmaybe better.

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