Well, it happened..

It was just a matter of time really. I went to one of the hotels that is close by for lunch. I sat down and waited for 5 minutes or so. Some guys at another table were eating and greeted me as I came in. Eventually, one of them asked me if I wanted to eat lunch. When I told him yes, I did (was I sitting at one of his tables for the hell of it?) he told me to wait until they were finished with their lunch.

Needless to say I didn’t wait around. It was one O’Clock, in the middle of lunchtime. On my way out I told them that there was probably another place that actually wanted my money, so I would go there. I understand that there are some (rather large) cultural differences, but really, come on…. Serving a customer when they come in doesn’t seem like a huge stretch if you’re going to be in the business of serving people. SIGH…


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I think it’s both. Every day I see, hear, and read about attitudes that are very self serving, and frankly, lazy. No biggie really, I’ve had my periods (years?) of being a self serving slacker, but I snapped out of it. America, in general, does a better job of encouraging people to perform their jobs. Not caring abut the customer seems to be a systemic issue in Yemen, the vast majority of men seem to be afflicted with this attitude. A gross generalization and not too PC I know, but every foreigner sees it. Interestingly, Michael tells me that the women are, in general, much more industrious. He said that if he were to open a business here, he would hire all women…


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