Thoughts about moving….

The current guys that have moved in are really unhappy with the accommodations. They are going to move to a hotel near Tahreer at the end of this month. For about the same money, they could have a place with two beds and their own bathroom. I’ve also heard about apartments that are up to half of what I pay now in the old city, although they are unfurnished. I’ll have to do some number crunching and see if it’s a financial necessity for me to move. There is a lot of appeal to having a nicer place, but I’m afraid that I’d be really isolated. I’ve met some really cool people living where I live. Luca, Nollaig, Christoph, and Michael have all made my trip much more enjoyable. Of course I’ve had some housemates that sucked too, but they never seem to stick around that long thank goodness. I think I’ll stay in my current place and see who moves in and how long they’re staying. That’ll help me make up my mind…


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