OK, a man can only eat so much chicken, rice, bread, and lamb. Yesterday i went to the souk and bought a bunch of veggies. Had green beans last night and I made a kind of vegetarian hash (potato, green pepper, onion, salt, olive oil) tonight. For a while I have wondered about my housemates, they cook almost every night. i figured that going out is so cheap, why cook at all? Well, it turns out you cook to get the food you want, not for money purposes. i’m going to the market soon to buy some pasta, can’t get that at the resturants…

     I got a 92 on my test, i have now “graduated” to level two. Of course level two looked a lot like level one today, lots of new words and a spinning head… In any case, I’m happy with my progress. I went from rank beginner to being able to read and write (although not understanding the vast majority of words) in 16 classes, 32 hours for those of you counting. I can also form simple sentences and participate in standard greetings and shopping transactions. I’m hoping for a comparable improvement this next month…

     Oh Jenny, I tried using the “rich text” mode so that I can use the lj cut feature, but surprise! All of the menu items are in Arabic… I’ll look into more options for my longer posts later on. Did you get my other email?


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