Took the day off…

Yesterday it felt as though my brain was leaking out of my ear, I was a bit overwhelmed. SO I figured that today I would concentrate on learning what I was taught yesterday instead of trying to learn more stuff. Tomorrow starts my “weekend”, so I’ve got three days to get up to speed…

We went out to dinner last night. It is the only “Italian” resturant here in Sana’a, and therefore probably in all of Yemen. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the menu and found, along with fried calimari, hot wings and spring rolls… Turns out that they made a variety of stuff, including Indian and Chinese food. The locals that we went out with were completely dumfounded by the choices on the menu, they had total paralysis. It was only 3 or 4 pages long, and that included the appitizers and the drinks. Anyway, we had gone out with a couplke of local bigwigs and they simply ordered a bunch of a lot of stuff for everyone… So no linguinie with pesto for me… Probably just as well, I have seen some other dishes completely mangled by local cooks… So my Italian meal ended up being mostly Indian. It was pretty good actually, and everyone had a bunch of fun. The meal was organized to thank the bigwigs for having a bunch of them over to their house on the red sea. I didn’t get to go on that trip, but everyone else was very impressed. Well, they spoiled my housemates good intentions by paying for everything whithout anyone knowing it. People were being so nice that they almost got into fights:-)

I’ll probably go back to that place just for the pizza, it was pretty good. It’s also the only resturant that anyone can go to that serves alcohol. No pork though… I better get back to studying…


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