For those of you that read my “Frank Black and The Pixies” piece on my website, you might remember about my “obsession” with female bass players. I listed a few on there and one of them wrote to me tonight! No, not Kim Gordon, Kim Deal, or Tina, but Dayrlynn did. She was the bass player for flashlight, a band in Ithaca. It was a little weird, I mean, I said that I was obsessed with specific women, and I called one of them petite, adorable and (cranking) out the nastiest bass grooves, and she wrote to me! Granted, she was correcting my butchering of her name, but it was a lot of fun to hear from her:-) My most vivid memory involving her was on a holloween night. There was another band that the drummer and guitar player from flashlight were in (4 souls down?) and they had a gig in collegetown if I remember correctly. Anyway, Brett, her boyfriend at the time (and now her husband) was dressed as Prince and was invited to sing with the band. He sang “If I was your Girlfriend” to her and I thought that they were going to have sex right then and there. There was an obvious connection between the two of them, only a fool would dare get in the middle of that…

I updated the Frank Black piece with her correct name and a link to the band’s page. I have also updated my demand curves page. I’ve been getting a decent number of hits on this, interestingly all from outside the US. England, Canada, Ireland, and India have all visited the page. What is it about the Commonwealth that wonders about downwards sloping demand curves? Anyway, I’ve put a little more meat on the page. Let me know what you think.


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