Bald rasta with a Brouge?

OK, I’m intrigued… The post had a review of last night’s Sinead O’Conner’s concert. She didn’t do any of her hits, but instead concentrated on her new musical love, Reggae. Hmmm, I’ve always been a fan of hers and I’m intrigued. Yes, she’s a nut, but what a powerful voice. And no matter what has gotten into her head, there’s no doubt that she believes in what she’s singing. Come to think of it, remember her Pope picture tearing incident on SNL? Does anyone remember what she sang before that? It was “War” as popularized by Bob Marley (From a speech by Hali Sallisai). It was a capella if I remember correctly, and she was ON! That was an intense rendition and it was one of the reasons that the picture tearing had such an impact.
The post reviewer was very complimentary, she has hired some real reggae heavyweights for her band. I’m the typical white guy that loves Marley, I own the best of Jimmy Cliff, and I have a few King Tubby albums (is that more Dub than Reggae?), but I really don’t know any reggae band members unless their names are Peter or Bunny… I think I’ll pick up the newest Sinead CD one of these days. I have her two big albums and an album of standards (which she does very well) so it’ll be interesting to hear how she tackles this.


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