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Turns out I’m pretty healthy

I’ll always remember my grandmother’s next door neighbor. Mike was a nice guy, a great cook (in the neighborhood grilling kind of way) and as far as I could tell practically a saint when it came to dealing with his abusive mother-in-law. He had a whole variety of health issues. He was a long time diabetic, and the last decade of his life he suffered through a series of heart issues as well. He ended up dying of cancer…

Moral of the story is that just because you have one physical issue doesn’t mean you can’t have others. Most of my worrying involves MS of course, but in the back of my mind is the worry about my heart and cancer. I don’t exercise as much as I should, and I’ve had more than a few suspicious moles cut off of me.

Had my physical today and it looks like I’m the picture of health. All of the cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. numbers are right where they are supposed to be. I don’t really have any other complaints (other than the regular ones) and there aren’t any sign of worrying moles.


So I’m feeling pretty good. I’ll have my neuro exam on thursday. I’m expecting bad news from the MRIs lesion-wise, but I’m also pretty sure that I’ll start a treatment program too. With any luck that will lead to an improvement in my motor skills and maybe even some healing in my neurological health. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you up to date on what goes on. On second thought, worry cause I will keep you up to date:-)

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