Trip to Gozo

It didn’t start auspiciously, I told the desk to wake us up at 7:00, when I got out of the shower, Beth informed me that they were an hour early… grrr…. anyway, we took the ferry to Gozo, the smaller, sister island of Malta to look around. I booked a tour for this, it would get us to a lot of different places quickly and we could always go back later if we felt that we missed something. Despite feeling like cattle on a couple of occaisions, I think that it went well. The highlights, IMO, were Ta Pinu, a basilica built on the sight of visitations of Mary, the cathedral on Gozo, and the citadel. Gozo is only 5×7 miles with a population of 28,000, yet they have 40 churches there! That doesn’t include the numerous wayside chapels. I’m pretty sure that it is the smallest diocese in the world… I’ll put some labels on the pictures soon, With any luck, we’ll get to see Valetta tomorrow…


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