More pics are up!

The leg is better, I’m getting around but I still need to rest it on occasion. We’ve covered a lot of ground. We went to the Blue Grotto, Mosta church, and Mdina today. The blue grotto is just a quick boat ride along some of the cliffs on the southern side of the island. They take you into some shallow caves and the water looks really blue. It was a lot of fun, and I only got the occasional spray from the surf.

The Mosta church has the third largest unsupported dome in Europe. It is pretty impressive. They had an incident during WWII where a German bomb came through the dome during a service. It didn’t go off and no one was hurt…

The highlight of the day for me was Mdina. It is called the silent city and is the original capital of the Island. We didn’t actually see a lot of the place, we went into the cathedral and its museum. The cathedral is beautiful of course, it isn’t as large as some of the famous ones in Europe, but it is densely appointed inside. Lots of marble, gilt things, etc. They’re very impressive. We’ve seen two so far, one in Gozo and the one today. We actually thought that the St. Paul’s shipwreck church was one of the better ones we’ve seen. That’s in Valetta and we stopped in on a whim, good thing we did. You’re not allowed to take pictures in the churches, it’s too dark anyway, just take my word for it that they are worth seeing…

The plan for tomorrow is that we’re going to wander around and see if anything is open. This place is extremely Catholic and it isn’t clear if anything will be open or not. Looks like a pretty leisurely day is shaping up…


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